How to Make Yourself Visible in the Workplace

Four years in the workplace and had three promotion, one promotion at a year. What is the secret, many had asked me—co workers, friends…

Actually there is no secret to that. You had to be yourself and of course just work hard. If you are focused and determined with your goals and objectives in life–you will do things that will help you strategically attain each of those goals. 

For me, I was a contractual for a year, I work hard with these principles which I believe make me visible and noticeable by my supervisors and promoted me: Be in the office before or on time: 

1. I always make it a point to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time. 

2. Organize your to do things according to its deadline and whether it is needed immediately or not.  

 3. Meet deadlines.

4. Be honest and maintain courtesy, transparency and etiquette in the workplace.

5. Be willing to work overtime if necessary. 

This I believe make my way through. 

I hope this inspires anyone out there. 

This is for now! 

Author: florence

A woman who love to preserve perfect moments and share it to the world.

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