Green Meadows Iloilo

How to get there?

There are two possible routes for travellers who want to take a plunge at the newest swimming destination in Iloilo City. You can traverse the road via Tacas, Jaro and via Ungka Pavia, Iloilo. If you are from Tagbak Area, you can take a jeepney from Tagbak Terminal either Leganes Lapaz, Leganes Highway or Jaro Liko Tagbak, drop in front of Savemore Quintin Salas and take a tricycle to Green Meadows approximately if the tricycle is rented it will cost you at 100 pesos. Next route is via Ungka Pavia. From Jaro Plaza, you take a Jaro CPU Ungka jeepney and drop at Ungka Terminal and take a tricycle to get you to the Green Meadows. If you take this route it will cost you around 20 pesos to Green Meadows. 

The place as of now is still undergoing its development to further cater the growing visitors. It has a nice swimming pool, a cool view with kayaking amenities. Entrance ranges from 80-100 pesos, which is very affordable to such a nice place and nice oanoramic view. It has also a slide, a very nice one. So for the rating I would rate it a 5. The staff is also friendly. Visit Iloilo!  



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Author: florence

A woman who love to preserve perfect moments and share it to the world.

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