Holiday Thoughts

When I was a kid, my parents and I celebrated every Christmas with my father’s relatives. I could vividly recall during those days, when our Aunt-my father’s sister would throw candy at us at the midnight of December 24th and give us our gifts. Me and my cousins are so happy for those gifts. As we grow older, I realize that those celebrations aren’t for receiving gifts alone. They are a family affair which memories are forever remembered. And more than that, it brings smile and happiness.

So as I grow up I had promised that one day, when I will have my own income, I would share it to kids, so I can give them a smile and happiness. It is heartwarming to see them with a wide grin upon receiving their gifts. For me it is more than that, it is my way of returning God’s blessing to me. I should share, I should make one child happy. That is why even though my budget is tight, I would see to it I have spare for the kids. 

Because with every smile, hugs, kisses and thank you’s make me strive more to work hard to have a greater blessings to share. 

Author: florence

A woman who love to preserve perfect moments and share it to the world.

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