Feelings So True

Since I met this man, I cannot believe how he made a golden memory in my life.  He is such a man all woman could not ask for more. I admire him a lot, for his courage of trusting me. We are friends, I could say a true one. I cannot understand, I am confused because there are nights that the last things off my mind is the thought of how he is doing. And wake up in the morning with the thought of him and about him. Could this mean I am learning to open my heart to love someone differently over and above friendship?? I reach to a point of imagining things but I also had to remind myself that we could not be, not for now, I have still not prepared my self to be in. 

I have so much in troubled thoughts these days. 

We are two people who understand each other but don’t belong together.

Author: florence

A woman who love to preserve perfect moments and share it to the world.

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