Towards Healthy Routine

It is the moment when you realize you are getting old and needs to take care of your body. You know what I mean, eating healthy foods. When I was in my twenties, my waistline is only 26, now I am 30 and so is my waistline. 

Then one day I have this motivation in me to be back again in my slimmer body. I don’t want to do diets. So I did researches and I come across with making shakes, smoothies of fruits and vegetables. So I planned the things I needed to include the budget. I make a meal 7 day meal plan of fruits and vegetables for my breakfast and dinner. My Lunch will be a regular lunch. 

So today, I bought a blender for my shakes and smoothies. All I have to do is to follow my meal plan and see for the results.

I had a strawberry milk shake for dinner. 🤓

Author: florence

A woman who love to preserve perfect moments and share it to the world.

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