Who did this at some point of their life?

When I was in my elementary days, i enjoyed climbing fruit trees especially the kaimito tree or the commonly known star apple tree. At the back of our school yard lined up star apple trees. And every after our class in the afternoon, we climbed the tree to get the fruits. 

And just today, along the way to my boarding house I passed by these children which reminded me of my days.

Dead Skin in the Feet

One day, I had discovered that I have some deadskin in my feet. I browse some articles in the web, what causes the dead skin in the feet. The articles said that it is caused by various reasons. It can be caused by being overweight by which I am bit overweight. Also it is caused by long standing and not comfortable shoes. And also, said in the articles that it is caused by temperature and the feet lacks moisturizer. 

Also I searched for possible remedies for getting rid off the dead skin in my feet. Articles suggested many remedies such as scrubing, warm water, salt, lemon, listerine, honey, mentholated rub, and many others.

And then I looked for somethings of recommended in the articles I have read. And I found Vicks Vapor Rub, I tried putting it in my feet everynight and put socks on it. Until I was surprised that my dead skin was removed and I have a soft healthy feet. 

I love to share this, might works for you. 

Padre Pio National Shrine

I am a follower, believer and devotee of St. Padre Pio. The Lord granted my prayers through him and Mama Mary. 

Last August 1, 2016, I had the very chance to visit the National Shrine. The day after my masters degree graduation at the University of the Philippines Open University. 

Pray, Hope and Do not Worry.

I am holding to this scriptures as I am journeying again to my doctoral degree. The Lord has laid his plans. 

Creativity-my other Side

I am currently taking my doctoral degree and I am loaded with readings, activities, assignments, reports and all sorts of paper plus exams. So to unload my full mind, I do crafts. And these days I am into butterflies. So I made this from what I saw in youtube. 

Since Christmas is fast coming. I made this Butterfly Christmas Tree!


Long have I waited. Years of challenges.

Tons of patience.

Millions of words and ideas formed.

Light bulb moments.

Standing by my own words.

Believing in impossibles.

Finding a way and making it.

There is no shortcut in doing it.

Learn to give and pave way.

Stand from failures.

Keeping the faith alive.

Just to have you. 
I achieved you once. 

I will have you again. 


Malumpati Health Spring, Pandan, Antique, Philippines

Hi, just got home splunging to the world’s cleanest and coldest river. The Malumpati Health Spring in Pandan, Antique, Philippines. 

From Iloilo, it is about 7 hours bus ride traversing the mountain rails of San Joaquin, Iloilo and Antique. 

When from Caticlan, it is about a half an hour bus ride to Pandan. Then take a tricycle to the Spring. 

The food is very reason. We ordered rice for 15 persons and we are shocked when the rice arrives that it is more than what we expect. 

Entrance and other activities are so affordable. There are also places for overnight with prices ranging from 500-1000 pesos only. 

At first sight, it is just an ordinary river. I tried to deep my feet and oh! so cold…the coldest river water I have ever tried. Not just it is the coldest but also it is the cleanest in the world. Amazing!