Some Exercises on Lesson 1 and 2


Photography for Beginners Lesson 2: The Rule of Thirds

Hi, yesterday, I have learned about the Exposure Triangle, I hope you did too. Today, we will learn what is meant by the Rule of Thirds. In public administration, this refers to the rule of thumb-the one best way. In photography, this refers to the rule of thirds which means a guide for us. We will look it this way, it will guide us to imagine that an image is “divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally vertical lines” and your object of focus should be put along such lines or at their intersections to creat “tension, energy and interest” to your output and just simply taking pictures and putting your subjects on the center. 

It was John Thomas Smith who first wrote the rule of thirds in 1797. “Two distinct, equal lights should never appear in the same picture.” To give solidarity to your images, sime parts of the picture should be as light and some as dark as possible. 

This is all I have today. Till the next lesson and tomorrow we will have a little exercise.

Please feel free to comment to add to my learnings. It is highly appreciated and thanks! 

Best and regards! 

Because I love Orange

They are said to be a symbol of love, beauty, war and even politics. It is said that they existed for 35 million years already. They have about 150 species. They are used as confetti, medicine, salad and raw materials for perfume. (University of Illinois Rose Garden). 

I felt I reached heaven when I saw an Orange rose made use as a centerpiece on my graduation cerymony. 

Creativity-my other Side

I am currently taking my doctoral degree and I am loaded with readings, activities, assignments, reports and all sorts of paper plus exams. So to unload my full mind, I do crafts. And these days I am into butterflies. So I made this from what I saw in youtube. 

Since Christmas is fast coming. I made this Butterfly Christmas Tree!


Long have I waited. Years of challenges.

Tons of patience.

Millions of words and ideas formed.

Light bulb moments.

Standing by my own words.

Believing in impossibles.

Finding a way and making it.

There is no shortcut in doing it.

Learn to give and pave way.

Stand from failures.

Keeping the faith alive.

Just to have you. 
I achieved you once. 

I will have you again.