Soliciting suggestions what to visit in Vietnam? 

I will be having a short trip to Vietnam, what places and activities, anyone could suggest for me. 

Thank you. 


Food to Taste while in Cebu, Philippines


Taiwan’s Best Shot

“A picture is worth a thousand words”


Overnight Stay at the Sea Garden Resort

It’s my birthday weekend, we decided to have an overnight stay at the Sea Garden Resort in Leganes, Iloilo, Philippines. We spent less than 5,000 pesos for a group of 15, the expenses includes the hotel accomodation, food and swimming expenses. 


Explore Tagaytay

My Travel buddy and I went to Tagaytay one fine day, and decided to stay overnight to experience the Tagaytay winds. 

We stayed at Keni Po. Its address is Sungay West, Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Rd, Calamba, Cavite, with contact number 09107824444. 

The room is very affordable, food is great. The staff are friendly and accomodating. 

We spent a total of P3,280. 

Room: 1,200

Food: 1,000

Entrance to Picnic Grove: P50

Entrance to People’s Park: P30

Fare from Manila: P1000


Kalibo Adventure

For the kids summer is about to end, but for me it has just began. My school schedule for summer is June and July. So that is why I said so that my summer has just began. 

After my Tagaytay adventure last May 20 and 21, 2017. I went home to Iloilo and had an unplanned trip to Kalibo, Philippines, to visit a relative. My five days vacation made me explore places in Kalibo. 

First stop the Bakhawan Eco Park. A 1km walk to the beach front. The place is nice for watching sunset and for relaxation, commune with nature and the sea. 

The kids enjoyed and had fun with the water at the Chocolate Haus. 

 I had visited the Marzons Hotel Kalibo and took some pictures. 

And of course who would miss the flavors of Kalibo? 

See for yourself the wonders of Kalibo, Philippines!