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Dead Skin in the Feet

One day, I had discovered that I have some deadskin in my feet. I browse some articles in the web, what causes the dead skin in the feet. The articles said that it is caused by various reasons. It can be caused by being overweight by which I am bit overweight. Also it is caused by long standing and not comfortable shoes. And also, said in the articles that it is caused by temperature and the feet lacks moisturizer. 

Also I searched for possible remedies for getting rid off the dead skin in my feet. Articles suggested many remedies such as scrubing, warm water, salt, lemon, listerine, honey, mentholated rub, and many others.

And then I looked for somethings of recommended in the articles I have read. And I found Vicks Vapor Rub, I tried putting it in my feet everynight and put socks on it. Until I was surprised that my dead skin was removed and I have a soft healthy feet. 

I love to share this, might works for you. 


Sharing my latest creations. For paper flower set up, please message me.

table topper


After the Rain

What else could be more romantic than sitting on a bench after the rain?

It is just simply sitting, talking, laughing while watching other university students playing on the ground. 


Finding her Solitude

The kind of me time. I took this photo of a girl sitting in a vast plain land of the university. 


Because I love Orange

They are said to be a symbol of love, beauty, war and even politics. It is said that they existed for 35 million years already. They have about 150 species. They are used as confetti, medicine, salad and raw materials for perfume. (University of Illinois Rose Garden). 

I felt I reached heaven when I saw an Orange rose made use as a centerpiece on my graduation cerymony. 



Being in school again, exhaust my mind. My calming and deloading activity includes watching movies, taking a walk around the university, and now I learned doing paper crafts like flowers. I followed the steps in youtube and viola!