Because I love Orange

They are said to be a symbol of love, beauty, war and even politics. It is said that they existed for 35 million years already. They have about 150 species. They are used as confetti, medicine, salad and raw materials for perfume. (University of Illinois Rose Garden). 

I felt I reached heaven when I saw an Orange rose made use as a centerpiece on my graduation cerymony. 

Padre Pio National Shrine

I am a follower, believer and devotee of St. Padre Pio. The Lord granted my prayers through him and Mama Mary. 

Last August 1, 2016, I had the very chance to visit the National Shrine. The day after my masters degree graduation at the University of the Philippines Open University. 

Pray, Hope and Do not Worry.

I am holding to this scriptures as I am journeying again to my doctoral degree. The Lord has laid his plans.