When there is an Artist in your Home

  Why do you need to paint your walls when you have this cute art? Why do you need someone to paint when you have a resident artist ready anytime to take his pen, colors and imagination to be realized in your walls? 
I would have to say that my six year old kiddo is an artist in the making because he knows how to translate his visions and imagination into a reality. At his young age, he knows how to draw things with short stories to tell. 


High Mountain View Resort

Commune with nature at Igbaras High Mountain View Resort. 

How to get there? 

Ride an Igbaras jeepney from the terminal going South. Just ask for directions from the locals, they are very accomodating and friendly. Pay 50 Philippine pesos as fare going to Igbaras. The resort also serve food and drinks. Tourists can also bring food with corresponding corkage fees. For more details kindly, Check their facebook page to do more inquiries. 

Personally, I feel inlove with the place because it has a good view, fresh air and wonderful people. 



Letter to You! 

Some people come into our lives and barely leave a trace, others leave a string of footprints etched upon our hearts, letting us know they are with us every step of the way that we take. Love, you have been stamping all over my heart since that day we virtually meet. 

As the years passed by, our virtual relationship had grown. You weren’t just a plain friend, I had considered you the best virtual friend ever, my “virtual soul mate” and the reason my days were filled with happiness, laughter and love. 

Life, sometimes pulls the rug under our feet. Suddenly, we find ourselves broken and feel like unable to get back up. When I thought that all hopes had gone, you were always there to sweep me off of my feet, dust me down and tell me everything is going to be okay, especially during those times that I failed my Comprehensive Exam. When everyone else left the room, I know for sure that you will still be there cheering and giving me that little piece of hope to carry on. 

That is what real friends do. They are the glue that holds us together when we feel like we are falling apart. They are the anchor to keep us grounded when life has the chance to blow us away. They are the wind beneath our wings, keeping us going when we feel like giving up. 

Thank you for being a true friend. For sticking by me, for letting me sob over the phone. Thank you for letting me pour my heart out. Thank you for loving me (which I assume..hehe). Thank you for staying constant when everything else changes. And thank you for just being there when I need you despite our time difference and zones. 

It is hard to put into words how much you really mean to me, because words will never be enough. You raised me up when life had beat to the ground, and I spurred you on during moments of weakness. 

Virtually with you by my side, the world is a better place. The sun shines a little brighter, secretly my smile grows a little wider. I am certain that You are the most beautiful person, inside and out. You are selfless, compassionate and wise. I truly believe I hit friendship jackpot when you came into my life and filled my days with happy moments. 

You taught me to always be truthful. Do I look good in this dress? A question that many a friend asks and get untruthful answers. But you had always tell me I look good on it, nice, wow and many others. I thanked that much when you openly say what is in your mind. 

No matter how much distance is between us, I would always see to it I keep in touch. 

Love, though we have not yet meet physically, I do feel I am at ease when discussing things with you. Any things we get the chance to bump, to include personal things. 

You are the only person I will engage in PDA virtually hehehe. 


Exploring Far South

Sunset- an event when the day ends and the night comes in. It is the time to reminisce what the day has been and looking forward to what will be tomorrow. It is a moment where you can look at peace with. 

In life the sun sets and the sun shines. Which means your task for the day has been concluded and your tomorrow is waiting for you to figure out what were the things you do instead of what you have done. 

We build walls in our life therefore we can rip it to be happy.  


Have you feel that you did nothing but it feels like you have in your back the whole of the world? You feel your right hands numb and can’t have a good grip in everything you picked up? Have random headaches? I am sure you are experiencing the big S. S as in STRESS! 

My way of distressing is getting a relaxing massage from Spa Riviera. A whole body massage would ease your stress. Have the relaxing one and for sure stress is away. 

Feelings So True

Since I met this man, I cannot believe how he made a golden memory in my life.  He is such a man all woman could not ask for more. I admire him a lot, for his courage of trusting me. We are friends, I could say a true one. I cannot understand, I am confused because there are nights that the last things off my mind is the thought of how he is doing. And wake up in the morning with the thought of him and about him. Could this mean I am learning to open my heart to love someone differently over and above friendship?? I reach to a point of imagining things but I also had to remind myself that we could not be, not for now, I have still not prepared my self to be in. 

I have so much in troubled thoughts these days. 

We are two people who understand each other but don’t belong together.

Holiday Thoughts

When I was a kid, my parents and I celebrated every Christmas with my father’s relatives. I could vividly recall during those days, when our Aunt-my father’s sister would throw candy at us at the midnight of December 24th and give us our gifts. Me and my cousins are so happy for those gifts. As we grow older, I realize that those celebrations aren’t for receiving gifts alone. They are a family affair which memories are forever remembered. And more than that, it brings smile and happiness.

So as I grow up I had promised that one day, when I will have my own income, I would share it to kids, so I can give them a smile and happiness. It is heartwarming to see them with a wide grin upon receiving their gifts. For me it is more than that, it is my way of returning God’s blessing to me. I should share, I should make one child happy. That is why even though my budget is tight, I would see to it I have spare for the kids. 

Because with every smile, hugs, kisses and thank you’s make me strive more to work hard to have a greater blessings to share.