My Love for Flowers

  1. I could not deny my love for flowers because Everytime I see those, there is that unexplainable feeling of amazement in me that I couldn’t help not to take photos of them. I have many pictures of them already. Most of which I really do not know the name of the Flower but at the sight of it blooming tempt me to capture its moments. For one day they are there tomorrow they are gone.  

This is from my recent trip to Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. This picture was taken from the camera of my phone. This picture is not edited.  


Lessons from College Life

This should have been written four years ago. But since after four years, i landed a job in a college school, maybe now is the time, for how could i write this way before if i was not able to complete my college years.

time to commence a new chapter in your life, but a chapter is too short to cover every detail of a college life. preparing yourself for what life has to offer: everything bigger, broader and brighter.

college is a whole new adventure after high school. no more familiar faces to greet you, as you’ll be meeting new ones. there’s nothing to be afraid of, since all of you are feeling the same way.

college life is quite a journey. it’s assured that what you’ll be doing in college is what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. But i beg to differ: the only permanent thing in this world is change.

one is no longer sheltered when one get to college. even learning is no longer confined in the 4 corners of the classroom. scary as it sounds, but it will develop you into a mature person. the new found independence is so important for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to discover a whole new world.

in college, you will have various sets of classmates. depending on the subjects, so you’ve bound to constantly meet new people. you could share your commonalities and learn from each other’s differences. and talking to different type of people gives you different perspectives. it will make you realize how much you actually don’t know about the world around you.

what i love most is that college will force you to explore not just your surroundings, but yourself too. you’ll find yourself asking constantly ” what will be the one thing I’d love to do for the rest of my life? make use of this in college to know more about yourself.

this is the best time to learn, experiment, or focus on advancing your skills, studying things by the book won’t guarantee you to land your dream job.. whatever it is- go ahead, build every detail of it. go for more than what your school is offering.

not knowing something shouldn’t stop you, it should urge you to want to learn more. there’s nothing better than feeding yourself with new knowledge.

don’t wait for the opportunity to come rather make the opportunity yourself. there’s no guarantee it wouldn’t hurt you, that’s life! it will always be nice to look back, see how much you’ve learned and develop and find yourself testing the waters of life.

as for college, there’s nothing to be afraid of. your starting with a clean slate. a plate full of opportunities is waiting. it’s up to you to make the most of everything. enjoy the journey. learn and get a taste of life. stay hungry and stay foolish.

Green Meadows Iloilo

How to get there?

There are two possible routes for travellers who want to take a plunge at the newest swimming destination in Iloilo City. You can traverse the road via Tacas, Jaro and via Ungka Pavia, Iloilo. If you are from Tagbak Area, you can take a jeepney from Tagbak Terminal either Leganes Lapaz, Leganes Highway or Jaro Liko Tagbak, drop in front of Savemore Quintin Salas and take a tricycle to Green Meadows approximately if the tricycle is rented it will cost you at 100 pesos. Next route is via Ungka Pavia. From Jaro Plaza, you take a Jaro CPU Ungka jeepney and drop at Ungka Terminal and take a tricycle to get you to the Green Meadows. If you take this route it will cost you around 20 pesos to Green Meadows. 

The place as of now is still undergoing its development to further cater the growing visitors. It has a nice swimming pool, a cool view with kayaking amenities. Entrance ranges from 80-100 pesos, which is very affordable to such a nice place and nice oanoramic view. It has also a slide, a very nice one. So for the rating I would rate it a 5. The staff is also friendly. Visit Iloilo!  



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Stopping By

Just stopping by to say hi to all who read my not so known blog. I don’t even know if this writings reach five people. Just having random thoughts on things. Just finished reading the complete book set of Fifty Shades of Gray. Wonderful book, it is so naturally written. 

How to Make Yourself Visible in the Workplace

Four years in the workplace and had three promotion, one promotion at a year. What is the secret, many had asked me—co workers, friends…

Actually there is no secret to that. You had to be yourself and of course just work hard. If you are focused and determined with your goals and objectives in life–you will do things that will help you strategically attain each of those goals. 

For me, I was a contractual for a year, I work hard with these principles which I believe make me visible and noticeable by my supervisors and promoted me: Be in the office before or on time: 

1. I always make it a point to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time. 

2. Organize your to do things according to its deadline and whether it is needed immediately or not.  

 3. Meet deadlines.

4. Be honest and maintain courtesy, transparency and etiquette in the workplace.

5. Be willing to work overtime if necessary. 

This I believe make my way through. 

I hope this inspires anyone out there. 

This is for now!